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My dear mother always brought something with her for me from every holiday she went on; and she still does. No exceptions.

My momma always told me – don’t worry I am not going to quote all of Forrest Gump – “das ist echtes Handwerk” (this is really handmade).

I used to make fun of that sentence, until recently the significance struck me. During a morning swim I was thinking about the reason why for my mother it’s so important the item she purchases is made by hand. And the answer is quite simple: it feels like something unique, something someone – a person, a human being – put time and effort in.

The fact that it is not 100% perfect is an integral part of that, it adds character, beauty, significance, proof and is testament to the fact it is hand (wo)man made.

I will never ever make fun of that ever again (well, maybe just very occasionally).

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