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It's the end of the branding as we know it* [thought f]

*freely inspired by REM's "It's the end of the world as we know it"

Branding makes life easier for people. Once you've been to Leon in London, you know what to expect in the one at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

Branding can be done through

logo's (Under Armours U and A combination),

a font (Grolsch' classic G in the brand name)

design (the Coke bottle of course being one of the most epic of them)

coloring (like the classic Hudson's Bay point blanket with its four characteristic colors)

Therefore it makes sense to work on

the right logo, the right label, the right design, the right font, the right ...


But what about the earthquake Voice is going to create ... ? (uh...yeah what about it)

What if you order things through Voice in the bus on your way home through Carrefour (with Google Voice) or Casino (with Alexa)?

You: I want to order batteries

Alexa: I found batteries for you, they are 4.99. Would you like me to order them?

You: Yeah go ahead

When you're in the supermarket looking for batteries, you'll see Duracell, Varta and the basic private label version. You might think about that epic Duracell Derrick Coleman video [one of my favorite video's of a low involvement product making a link to something huge in both a personal and national way] and subsequently choose Duracell; and maybe you won't because you think they are too expensive. Either way some of you think a couple of seconds about it.

But what if you don't see any logo's, any branding and price differentiation...

How many people would go the extra mile to still order their favorite brand, especially in a world where there's already a much more liquid attachment to brands in the first place?

It is increasingly more and more important to keep innovating your product and its experience, adding real value for customers to it vs competition. That will be the only way to stay relevant in a voice dominated world.

Plus of course there will always be some people who want to buy something different, independent, off the beaten path, but that will be a marginal amount of both people and brands.

Nofilter works with brands and companies to show their true character. We have an unfiltered view on marketing in this day and age.

Please reach out here to ask questions, comment or give us your ideas.

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