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Silo thinking is dead. Long live silo's. [thought c]

The world is no longer working in silo’s. When I say silo I mean "isolated (one system, process, department, etc.) from others"

We even wrote this ourselves: "In the healthcare industry for example – where there were once closed silos of health care providers, pharmaceutical companies, tech and research companies, patients groups, hospitals and doctors – now there are collaborations between many of these parties – for the greater good of patients and society (better and more seamless care, lower cost, etc.)."

However think about this: startups are usually created in a small horizontal silo.

A couple of people sat together focusing on turning an idea into a project

building it into a business.

testing their minimal viable product.

Same goes for an agile method such as lean startup for example.

It's actually a silo'd approach at the beginning.

So maybe it is not that black and white.

Don’t look at the world in silo’s,

but maybe do start and develop in lean agile silo’s;

at first at least

and then: open up!

An unorthodox silo'd startup is Dutch Webshop Coolblue. It started with three guys talking in Café De Dijk in Rotterdam. The three of them started their company in 1999 and at the start they weren't at a garage, but at that Café in Rotterdam, 6 days a week, the same table in the same bar. Now they are one of the largest webshops in the Netherlands with an excellent reputation when it comes to customer friendliness. And they still use that table as the starting point for new business. Focused people at a focused place in temporary isolation to turn an idea into a project and onto a business.

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