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Beta Rules! [thought a]

We've already said it: the age of the big reveal is over (tadaa).

Especially when it comes to today’s tech world.

And the good thing is: you not only get away with it, people are starting to understand that the real value of experimenting in real life is part of the development process to get it right.

But: it’s not playing around, it’s serious business, so you gotta experiment, learn, adapt and repeat (about 100 times).

Here's what we all should learn from the tech world: Let people, consumers, employees, customers become part of your story, tech, creative, data or comms.

Fortnite - a game first released early 2017 - is one of the most successful games at the moment. It’s a beta game, meaning, it’s unfinished (When the game loads up is says Beta on the upper right). The more people play it, the more feedback Epic gets, the better the game gets. Does it limit its success? Guess not. Maybe because expectation managed, the bèta element therefore adds to its success.

So start fortniting your brand or company!

[NOFILTER] works with brands and companies to show their true character. We have an unfiltered view on marketing in this day and age.

Please reach out here to ask questions, comment or give us your ideas.

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