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With great tech comes great responsibility [thought d]

Many companies, big and small are bringing tech innovation that make our life easier.

Amazon Go, Albert Heijn, but even more advanced Alibaba's HEMA chain is going further and further with cashless, cashier-less shopping.

And of course in home the assistance through Alexa, Siri, Google Home will become more and more part of our life.

All these elements promise to make our life faster, easier, causing less hassle.

However life is not only about making it easier, more comfortable. Life is also about connecting with others, not only with our close inner circle, but also people we would not necessarily look to meet.

Without those encounters and connections, life could become lonely, less live-ly or even less liveable for people. Where for others it's good to bump into people who look, talk and think different than the usual suspects your inner crowd consists off. I am referring to the narrowdmindedness that can be caused by social media (if it's the only thing you look at).

In today's world a growing number of companies feel responsible not only for sustainability within their own part of the supply chain, but for the chain as whole. You could argue this also goes for today's big tech innovators.

Even Peter Parker's Uncle Ben already new that ("With great power comes great responsibility").

So take your responsibility, whether you're a startup or part of big tech and make the world not only more comfortable, easier, but also more social, human.

Nofilter works with brands and companies to show their true character. We have an unfiltered view on marketing in this day and age.

Please reach out here to ask questions, comment or give us your ideas.

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