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Welcome to this Digital Fantastic - Intro

Great brands are great at creating connection; bringing people and brands together. Digital hasn’t changed that.

When done right digital is a brilliant enabler (and can be a curse if done wrong). But to create connection you need to open up, show and share more of yourself, give to get. Don’t be distant.

People are looking for realness, character in people, brands and companies. But across the most used photo sharing apps there are over 293 ways to filter. 293 ways to make a weekend look like it’s the best you’ve ever had, 293 ways to make that burger look unreal and not quite tell the real story. 293 to keep people at a distance. But there’s only 1 unfiltered, true story.

We created [NOFILTER] to help brands show their true character in this fantastic new digital world. And we created a book with our point of view in 19 thoughts on how to do just that. In the oncoming months we will publish these thoughts one by one. Please reach out to ask questions, comment or give us your ideas.

We'd love to hear from you.

It’s an amazing, dynamic time for brands right now. Embrace it and use brand’s story to make sure you truly shine out.

Wilmar & Martin

[NOFILTER] strategy, brand engagement and content creation. Unfiltered.

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