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Open up [thought 15]

To get people to engage with you, your brand or your challenge, you need to open up, share it, show

the unfinished workings. The time of the big reveal is over (tada).

Let people, consumers, employees, customers become part of the story.

Use partners and co-create with people, to help your brand grow, internally, externally. It’s good to get them involved.

Example: In the healthcare industry – where there were once closed silos of health care providers, pharmaceutical companies, tech and research companies, patients groups, hospitals and doctors – now there are collaborations between many of these parties – for the greater good of patients and society (better and more seamless care, lower cost, etc.).

[NOFILTER] works with brands to show their true character in this fantastic new digital world. We created a book with our point of view in 19 thoughts on how to do just that. This is the fifteenth one. You'll find the rest on our website or in our book.

Please reach out here to ask questions, comment or give us your ideas.

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