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Nobody's perfect [thought 17]

You might get it wrong, but that’s where some of the best moments lie.

Perfection lacks difference,

it rarely breaks the rules,

it rarely questions the norm,

it rarely takes the un-trodden path.

Perfect just isn’t believable.

Because no-one is perfect – none of us.

Brands often seek to be the superlative,

the best, the whitest white, the cheapest.

Why not look at your quirks?

What are you striving for and how are you trying to achieve it?

Why not be more open and honest about how you’re doing?

Patagonia is honest in saying that they want to be sustainable, but they’re not there yet. “We know that our business activity – from lighting pollution to dyeing shirts – creates pollution as a by-product. So we work steadily to reduce those harms.”

JetBlue’s operations collapsed after an ice storm hit the East Coast of the U.S., leading to 1,000 cancelled flights in just five days. JetBlue didn’t dodge the backlash completely. However, in the weeks that followed, they managed to squash much of the uproar by being as public and straightforward as possible on YouTube, The Today Show, Letterman, etc.

[NOFILTER] works with brands to show their true character in this fantastic new digital world. We created a book with our point of view in 19 thoughts on how to do just that. This is the seventeenth one. You'll find the rest on our website or in our book.

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