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Don't be a doormat [thought 11]

No one ever sat back in their chair and sighed “I wish I could get a million more opinions.”

Today almost everyone has the permission and opportunity to say exactly what they think and feel. Fake or not.

This is great, but you can still take control. You still have that choice.

So, don’t be meek and do everything that people want.

Stand for what you believe in. Don’t be afraid to have a different view.

Be respectful but don’t become a punchbag. Show the world your character!

You'll see they'll like it and you'll be respected.

The food and drink hall in Altrincham Market in Manchester in the UK, has a ‘Wall of Shame’, where it prints all the reviews it has from Trip Advisor – good and bad. It’s a wonderful example of a brand that’s unafraid to

embrace the lover and haters of what they do, with an added dose of chutzpah.

[NOFILTER] works with brands to show their true character in this fantastic new digital world. We created a book with our point of view in 19 thoughts on how to do just that. This is the eleventh one. In the oncoming months we will publish the others.

Please reach out here to ask questions, comment or give us your ideas.

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