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An uneven flow [thought 16]

In a perfect world, your brand and your consumers would be in a perfect loop of flowing communication – a deep and ongoing dialogue.

The reality is you’ll be doing most of the talking; and the chasing.

So create content, topics and ideas that open up conversation.

You need to create the ripples that get people’s attention.

Don’t expect an equal partnership.

Lots of brands, marketers, agencies take Red Bull as an example.

Which is great. But not many realize Red Bull have worked incredibly hard for 3 decades (!),

with brand consistency, variation and volume of comms, events and engagement activities, to get to where they are. And where they are, is a pretty great place to be.

[NOFILTER] works with brands to show their true character in this fantastic new digital world. We created a book with our point of view in 19 thoughts on how to do just that. This is the sixteenth one. You'll find the rest on our website or in our book.

Please reach out here to ask questions, comment or give us your ideas.

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